MIC2130 Evaluation Board (MIC2130-EV)

This MIC2130/1 evaluation board is a high voltage input PWM synchronous buck converter. The MIC2130/1 is a voltage mode controller with a fast hysteretic control loop (FHyCL) employed during fast line and load transients. The MIC2130/1 has an internal transconductance error amplifier, gate drivers, current limit, enable and under voltage lock out and soft start circuitry. The internal gate drivers are designed to drive high current MOSFETs. The evaluation board output voltage is selected by a jumper for pre-selected voltage divider network, 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V or leaving the jumper open for 0.7 V. The maximum current limit is set at 9A. The input voltage is 8V to 40V.


    Refer to User Guide.


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