MIC2126YML-20A Eval Board (MIC2126YML-20A-EV)

The MIC2125/6 Demo Board has been developed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MIC2125/6 device with two adaptive ON-time control architectures:

  • Hyper Speed Control (MIC2126)
  • HyperLight Load (MIC2125)
The MIC2125 and MIC2126 Evaluation Boards require only a single power supply with at least 10A current capability. The MIC2125/6 each have an internal VDD LDO, so no external linear regulator is required to power the internal biasing of the IC. In applications with VIN < +5.5V, VDD should be tied to VIN to by-pass the internal linear regulator. The output load can either be a passive or an active load.
The MIC2125/6 Evaluation Boards do not have reverse polarity protection. Applying a negative voltage to the VIN and GND terminals may damage the device. The maximum VIN of the board is rated at 28V.


    • Hyper Speed Control® Architecture Enables:
    High delta V operation (VIN = 28V and VOUT = 0.6V)

    • Any Capacitor™ stable
    • 4.5V to 28V Input Voltage
    • Adjustable Output Voltage from 0.6V to 24V
    • 200 kHz to 750 kHz Programmable Switching Frequency
    • HyperLight Load® (MIC2125)
    • Hyper Speed Control (MIC2126)
    • Enable Input and Power Good Output
    • Built-in 5V Regulator for Single-Supply Operation
    • Programmable Current Limit and “Hiccup” Mode Short-Circuit Protection
    • 7 ms Internal Soft-Start, Internal Compensation, and Thermal Shutdown
    • Supports Safe Start-Up into a Prebiased Output
    • –40°C to +125°C Junction Temperature Range
    • 16-pin, 3 mm × 3 mm QFN Package

Спецификация (BOM)

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MIC2126YML-20A Eval Board MIC2126YML-20A-EV