MD1822 TC6320: Three Level High Speed В±100V 2.5A Pulser Demoboard (MD1822DB2)

The MD1822DB2 is a demoboard for the three level ±100V 2.5A pulser chip-set of the MD1822 MOSFET driver and the TC6320 MOSFET. The demoboard consists of one MD1822 in a 3x3mm, 16-lead QFN package driving the TC6320, which has one pair of high speed and high voltage complimentary P- and N-MOSFETs in one 4x4mm, 8-lead DFN package. This circuit is an ideal, cost-optimized, high voltage and high current RTZ ultrasound transmit pulser.

The CPLD-programmable logic circuit (40MHz crystal oscillator) generates accurately timed high-speed waveforms on a separate CPL board. Multiple frequency and waveform combinations can be selected as bipolar pulse waveforms. An external clock input can be used if the on-board oscillator is disabled. The external trigger input can be used to synchronize the output waveforms. There are five push buttons for selecting demonstration waveform, frequency, phase, and mode functions. Color LEDs indicate the demo selection states. Jumpers on the board can select either the 330pF/2.5k on-board load, or user test loads.


    Please download the user guide for more information.


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MD1822 TC6320: Three Level High Speed В±100V 2.5A Pulser Demoboard MD1822DB2