MCP2150 Developer's Board (MCP2150DM)

***This product is now obsolete***

The MCP2150 Developer’s Board allows for the easy demonstration and development of IrDA applications. The board can be powered via USB or the power test points (VDD and GND).

The Host interface can be connected to the UART driver device for communication over the DB-9 connector (for IrDA to UART operation), connected to the PIC18F65J50 for stand alone operation, or connected to the PIC18F65J50 with the PIC18F65J50 connected to the UART driver device (for pass-through operation).


    • Powered via USB or Test Clips
    • +3.3V regulator for powering the PIC18F65J50
    • ICSP Interface
    • DB-9 Interface (can connect to either MCP2150 or PIC18F65J50)
    • Fourteen-pin header connection to MCP2150's Host UART interface
    • IR transceiver circuits (one implemented, two optional - Not Populated)
    • Reset switch for PIC18F65J50 device
    • Jumpers for routing Host Interface signals to either MAX3238 device or PIC18F65J50
    • Jumpers on PIC Input pins to allow program selection
    • Board power indicator LED
MCP2150 Developer's Board MCP2150DM