MCP1630 Coupled Inductor Boost Demo Board (MCP1630DM-DDBS2)

The MCP1630 Coupled Inductor Boost Converter Demo Board demonstrates Microchip's High-Speed Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) used in a coupled inductor design. When used in conjunction with a microcontroller, the MCP1630 device will control the power system duty cycle to provide different regulated output voltages from 15V to 40V using push button S1. The PIC12F683 microcontroller is used to generate oscillator pulses, reference voltage, output voltage selection and ON/OFF of Converter using push button S1.The MCP1630 device generates duty cycle based on various external inputs. External signals include the input oscillator pulses, reference voltage from PIC12F683 device, and the feedback voltage.

The PIC12F683 microcontroller is programmable, allowing the user to modify or develop their own firmware routines to further evaluate the MCP1630 device in this application.


    • With reduced stress on the MOSFET switch, provides greater degree of freedom in selecting the MOSFET
    • Provides a varied output voltage selection from 15V to 40V in steps of 5V
    • Push button select option for the required output voltage selection and ON/OFF control


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MCP1630 Coupled Inductor Boost Demo Board MCP1630DM-DDBS2