The KSZ8895MQX is one of KSZ8895 family. KSZ8895MQX contains two MII interfaces for MAC 5 and PHY 5 of the port 5. KSZ8895RQX is one of KSZ8895 family. KSZ8895RQX contains two RMII interfaces for MAC 5 and PHY 5 of port 5. The device had been designed with cost sensitive systems in mind but still offers a multitude of features such as switch management; port and tag based VLAN; QoS priority; CPU control SPI interfaces and CPU control MDC/MDIO for MIIM/SMI interfaces. The KSZ8895 family is an excellent choice in broadband gateway applications, integrated broadband router applications, managed media converter, industrial automatic, automotive, etc. fields and as a standalone 5-port switch. The KSZ8895 evaluation board is designed to allow the user to experience first-hand the rich feature set of this exciting new product. The evaluation board is highly configurable and easy to use.


    • KSZ8895 Integrated 5-port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch • 5 RJ-45 Jacks for Ethernet LAN and WAN Interfaces with Corresponding Isolation Magnetics. • Auto MDI/MDIX on All Ports. • 1 PHY mode and 1 MAC mode MII Connector are for the port 5 MAC 5 SW5-MII/RMII Interface • 1 PHY mode is for the port 5 PHY 5 P5-MII/RMII interface • 1 USB Port Interface Configurable to Emulate an I2C or SPI or MDC/MDIO Interface for EEPROM, all control registers and all MIIM registers access. • On Board EEPROM • 3 LEDs Per Port to Indicate the Status and Activity • 5VDC, 2.5A Universal Power Supply (Not included), the Powered can be used by USB port.


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