The KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL is Micrel’s third generation fully integrated 3-port switch. The two PHY units of KSZ8873MLL/RLL support 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX. The KSZ8873FLL supports 100BASE-FX. The devices have been designed for cost sensitive systems, however, still offer a multitude of features, such as switch management, port and tag based VLAN, QoS priority, one MII interfaces and CPU control and data interfaces. The KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL is an excellent choice for VoIP Phone, Set-top/Game Box, SOHO Residential Gateway, industrial Ethernet systems and as a standalone 3-port switch. The KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL Evaluation Board provides a convenient means to evaluate the KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL’s rich feature set. Easy access is provided to all of the KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL pins, with jumpers and interface connectors allowing quick configuration and re-configuration of the board. MIIM, EEPROM programming, SPI emulation software are also provided to access the more extensive features of the KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL, via a PC USB port.


    • KSZ8873MLL/FLL/RLL Integrated 3-Port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch • Two RJ-45 Jacks for Ethernet LAN Interfaces with corresponding Isolation Magnetics (KSZ8873MLL/RLL) • Auto MDI/MDI-X on the PHY port • 1 PHY Mode and 1 MAC Mode MII Connectors for the Switch RMII/MII Interface • 2 100Base-FX fiber interface(KSZ8873FLL) • 1 USB port to emulate an MIIM, EEPROM, SPI Interface • On board EEPROM • 2 LEDs per port to Indicate the Status and Activity of the RJ45 port • 1 power jack for 5VDC Universal Power Supply


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