Zero Drift Load Cell Demo(INT00895)

This demo unit displays the benefit of using a Zero-Drift operational amplifier over a general purpose amplifier for small signal measurements with varying temperature. The Demo software is designed to cycle the temperature high and low to display the differences in measurement with the 2 different operational amplifier circuits. The temperature varies in the auto mode from 22?C to 55?C in a sinusoidal pattern. The display shows the measurements from the Zero-Drift, and general purpose amplifiers. This highlights how the temperature changes affect the general purpose op amp measurements and have little affect over the Zero-Drift op amp.


    - 2kg weight scale serves as the application example.

    - Two front end amplifier circuits (MCP6002 general purpose and MCP6V62 Zero-Drift) with the same gain.

    - Amplifier ambient temperature control using a high power Peltier driver (MCP19035) that provides a fast temperature swing.


Zero Drift Load Cell Demo INT00895

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