HV9910BDB2 Demo Board (HV9910BDB2)

The HV9910BDB2 demoboard is a High Brightness LED power driver to supply a string of LEDs using the HV9910B IC from a universal AC input. The HV9910BDB2 can supply a maximum output current of 350mA to drive 10 - 40V LED strings from a wide input voltage - 90 to 265VAC, 50/60Hz. The power conversion stage of the HV9910BDB2 consists of a diode bridge rectifier, followed by a current-controlled buck converter operating at a switching frequency of 50kHz. The nominal output current of the demoboard can be adjusted to any value between 30 and 350mA using the on-board trimming potentiometer. PWM dimming can be achieved by applying a pulse-width-modulated square wave signal between the PWMD and GND pins. Zero output current can be obtained only by PWM dimming. The HV9910BDB2 is not CISPR-15 compliant. Additional filtering is required to make the board meet CISPR-15 limits.


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HV9910BDB2 Demo Board HV9910BDB2