Hysteretic DC/DC Controller Demoboard (HV9150DB1)

The HV9150DB1 demoboard is for the evaluation of the HV9150 hysteretic DC/DC controller. This demoboard consists of all necessary components to create a 5V to 200V step up converter capable of providing 600mW of output power. This DC/DC converter has a single voltage input and a single voltage output. The demoboard is configured to use the internal voltage reference. In addition, the user also has access to an external voltage reference pin if it is preferred. The output voltage can be adjusted from 50V to 200V by adjusting the potentiometer next to the output terminals. The potentiometer is used in the resistor feedback network for demonstration purposes. The demoboard shows that all necessary components for this 600mW converter can be packed into a square inch, single sided, PCB area. To ensure a stable operation of the DC/DC converter, it is recommended that a low ESR bulk decoupling capacitor be connect at the input voltage supply.


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Hysteretic DC/DC Controller Demoboard HV9150DB1