Four-Switch Buck-Boost Development Board(EV44M28A)

The Four-Switch Buck-Boost Development Board (4SW-BB) is a generic development board for this topology that supports rapid prototyping and code development based on dsPIC33 devices.

The board provides organized building blocks that include an input filter, power stage, AUX supply, mating socket for Microchip’s newest Digital Power Plug-In Modules (dsPIC33EP, dsPIC33CK and dsPIC33CH DP PIMs), Human Machine Interface (HMI) and test points. The electrical characteristics are applicable to automotive requirements and can be used for these applications as well.

The 4SW-BB development board can be used along withPower Board Visualizer which is aconfigurable tool running on Windows for visualizing data and controlling individual functions of a connected, external, embedded device through a USB/UART port.


    • Input Working Voltage Range: 8 - 18 VDC
    • Max. Output Power: 20W
    • Four-switch power converter with gate drivers:
      • Left Leg-Buck, Right Leg-Boost
    • Output current shunt amplifier
    • Test points for outer loop measurements
    • HMI interface (push buttons and two LEDs)
    • dsPIC33-DSC DP-PIM socket with test points at the edge of the board
    • Input filter, overvoltage protection
    • Output filter
    • Auxiliary power supply


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Four-Switch Buck-Boost Development Board EV44M28A

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