MCP16361 Evaluation Board(EV27C97A)

The MCP16361/2/3 can regulate the output voltage over a wide 2V to 20V range, and typically can deliver over 3A of load current at 3.3V output, when supplied from a 12V input. The maximum input voltage range is 4V to 48V. The regulated voltage (VOUT) should be lower than the input voltage (VIN).


    The MCP16361 Evaluation Board has the following features:

    Input Voltage Range (VIN): 4V – transient up to 48V
    Output Voltage: 3.3V
    Output current: typically, 3A @ 3.3V Output, 12V Input
    Automatic PFM/PWM Operation for MCP16361
    PWM Switching Frequency: 2.2 MHz
    Low Device Shutdown Current: 5 µA typical
    Low Device Quiescent Current: 20 µA typical (not switching)
    Integrated N-channel Buck Switch ON state resistance: 100 m?
    Internal Compensation
    Internal Soft Start
    Internal bootstrap diode
    Internal Current limit
    Power Good Output
    Overtemperature protection (if the die temperature exceeds 155°C, with 25°C hysteresis)


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