EVB-LAN9255 allows engineers to develop using an integratedCortex M4F microcontroller and EtherCAT device controller. Peripherals are provided on board with expansion via the popular mikroBUS Click Board™ interface. An ethernet MAC is available and allows connection to associated boards for single and dual port options. This hardware is fully supported within the Microchip Harmony Framework.

Customers that have previously developed with EVB-LAN9253-D51 can now enjoy higher levels of integration with EVB-LAN9255.

Applications: Industrial control, Motor Drives, HVAC, Environmental monitoring, Power supplies & UPS


    Headline features

    • LAN9255 EtherCAT Device Controller w/integrated Cortex M4F microcontroller
    • EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) Conformance Tested
    • Supported within the Microchip Harmony Framework


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EVB-LAN9255 EV25Y25A

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