DM330023: Sensorless Speed Control w/PFC, 90~265AC(DM330023)

The Microchip dsPICDEM™ MCHV Development System is intended to aid the user in the rapid evaluation and development of a wide variety of motor control applications using a dsPIC® Digital Signal Controller (DSC). This development system is targeted to control Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), and AC Induction Motors (ACIM) in sensor or sensorless operation.

This flexible and cost-effective tool can be configured in different ways for use with Microchip’s specialized Motor Control DSCs. The dsPICDEM™ MCHV Development System supports the dsPIC33F Motor Control device family, and offers a mounting option to connect either a 28-pin SOIC device or a generic 100-pin Plug-In Module (PIM).

The system has a three-phase power module device that contains the motor inverter and the gate driver’s circuitry. The circuit drives a BLDC, PMSM, or ACIM motor using different control techniques without requiring any additional hardware. It also has Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry in order to provide a full set of tools used in motor control applications. Figure 1-1 provides a photograph of the dsPICDEM™ MCHV Development System. A block diagram that shows the main components of the system is provided in Figure 1-2.

The rated continuous output current from the inverter is 6.5A (RMS). This allows up to approximately 2 kVA output when running from a 208V to 230V single-phase input voltage in a maximum 30?C (85?F) ambient temperature environment. Therefore, the system is ideally suited for running a standard 3-Phase Induction Motor of up to 1.4 kW (1.8 HP) rating or a slightly higher rated industrial servo-motor. The power module is capable of driving other types of motors and electrical loads that do not exceed the maximum power limit and are predominantly inductive. Furthermore, single-phase loads can be driven using one or two of the inverter outputs.

The unit is capable of operating from 90V up to a maximum of 265V.


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DM330023: Sensorless Speed Control w/PFC, 90~265AC DM330023

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