dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit(DM330012)

The dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit provides a low cost method for the development and testing of USB OTG, Host and Device applications on the 60 MIPS dsPIC33E DSC family. The board contains an on-board programming/debugger, standard A USB and micro A/B connectors, three user-programmable LEDs, three push button switches and an expansion header compatible with the Multimedia Expansion Board (DM320005) and I/O Expansion Board (DM320002). The starter kit comes preloaded with basic Communication Device Class (CDC) demonstration software.

Programming, Running and Debugging Applications

Use the following procedure for programming/debugging your application programs (the dsPIC33E Start Kit CDC USB Device Demo software available from the link below is mentioned here as an example):

  • Using MPLAB IDE, open the project C:\dsPIC33E PIC24E USB Starter Kit Demo\Firmware\ USB Device - CDC - Basic Demo - dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit.mcp. (This assumes that the demo was installed in the default location)
  • Connect the starter kit to your PC using the provided USB mini-B to full-sized A cable. Note that the jumper in J5 should not be installed.
  • Choose “Starter Kit On Board” as the debugger tool in MPLAB IDE by selecting Debugger > Select Tool> Starter Kit On Board.
  • Choose the debug build configuration by selecting Project > Build Configuration > Debug.
  • Build the project by selecting Project > Build All.
  • Download the code into the starter kit by selecting Debugger > Program.
  • Run the downloaded application software by selecting Debugger > Run. At this time LED2 on the starter kit should turn on.
  • This demo allows the Starter Kit to appear as a serial (COM) port to the host. The instructions for this demo can be found at C:\dsPIC33E PIC24E USB Starter Kit Demo\Documentation\Getting Started\Getting Started - Running the Device - CDC - Basic Demo. See the Running the Demo section.


    • On-board programming/debugger
    • Standard A USB and micro A/B connectors
    • Three user-programmable LEDs
    • Three push button switches


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dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit DM330012

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