PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (DM320004)


    Write Code
    • Free MPLAB IDE v8.43 or newer
    • Free MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 with no code size limit
    • Example project files for Ethernet and USB applications
    Program Memory
    • Integrated programmer - all you need is the included USB Cable
    • Program and verify a full 512k image in less than 9 seconds
    • Integrated debugger - all you need is the included USB cable
    • Full C source-based debugging in MPLAB IDE
    Execute Code
    • PIC32 running at 80 MHz with 512K Flash, 128K RAM, 8 ch. DMA + 8 ch. DMA dedicated to Ethernet, CAN and USB
    • USB powered board
    • USB and Ethernet connectors, user switches, and LEDs
    • Expansion connector enables addition of Microchip's PIC32 expansion boards or create your own
    • Majority of MCU signals are present on the connector [Hirose: FX10A-120P/12-SV1(71)]

PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit DM320004