PIC32 USB Starter Kit III(DM320003-3)

The PIC32 USB starter kit – III provides the user with an easy and cost effective option to experience the USB, mTouch and SPI/I2S functionality of the new PIC32MX3/MX4 microcontrollers. The board comes equipped with everything that is needed including Microchip’s free USB software to develop USB embedded host/device/OTG applications.

The PIC32 USB starter kit - III has the same form factor and expansion connector as the PIC32 starter kits enabling it to connect with other PIC32 expansion boards.

For the latest demonstration software and Board Support Packages, Please Visit http://www.microchip.com/harmony


    • PIC32MX450/470 MCU
    • Integrated debugger/programmer
    • USB host, Device, Dual Role & OTG
    • Online tools & software download
    • Support for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32- & 64-bit)
PIC32 USB Starter Kit III DM320003-3

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