F1 Bipolar add-on (DM164130-7)

The Bipolar Stepper Motor add-on is a simple development accessory that plugs directly into the F1 LV Evaluation Platform and incorporates all the components necessary to implement Bipolar Stepper motor control. Key features include: 4 MOSFET half bridge circuits, motor current limit sense, debug header, and pin header connector for the motor and power supply.


    • Direct connect to F1 LV Evaluation Platform (does not support the F1 Evaluation Platform)
    • 4 MOSFET half bridge circuits for Bipolar stepper motor drive
    • Pin connector interface for motor
    • Motor current limiting adjustment
    • 12V plug with voltage regulation
    • Debug Header
    • Pin connector for additional power connections
    • 5A Fuses
F1 Bipolar add-on DM164130-7