CW01DB1 Demo Board (CW01DB1)

The CW01 has 6 logic inputs; OE, CLK, DIN1, DIN2, DIN3, and DIN4. Every logic input has a 10kΩ pull down resistor. There are 3 power input voltages: VLL, VDD and VDX. VLL is the input logic level, typically 2.5V. VDD is the level translator, typically 5.0V. VDX is the gate drive voltage, and is at the same voltage level as VDD. High peak currents will be drawn from VDX during switching. Each supply has a series ferrite bead and a 0.1μF ceramic chip capacitor to keep the supply clean from high frequency noise. There are 4 outputs: HV1, HV2, HV3 and HV4. These are the connections to the drains of 100V, 7.0Ω, N-channel MOSFETs.


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CW01DB1 Demo Board CW01DB1