BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Board (BM-64-EVB-C2)

The BM-64-EVB-C2 enables the user to evaluate and demonstrate the functionality of the BM64 Class 2 stereo audio module. The BM-64-EVB-C2 includes an integrated configuration and programming interface for plug-and-play capability, and also has status LEDs which enable rapid prototyping and faster time to market.

Along with the BM-64-EVB-C2, software tools and applications are provided to demonstrate the Bluetooth connections to the on-board BM64 stereo audio module and to optionally configure or program it.

For evaluating the BM64 Class 1 stereo audio module please see the BM-64-EVB-C1 evaluation board.


    • Based on the fully-certified Bluetooth 4.2 BM64 Class 2 stereo audio module
    • Powered by a PC host using the micro-USB cable or by connecting a Li-Ion battery
    • Built-in 3W Class-D stereo audio amplifier
    • Built-in Near Field Communication (NFC)
    • Stereo audio output for high-quality audio
    • Easy access to I/O pins
    • Connection and data status LEDs


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BM64 Bluetooth Audio Evaluation Board BM-64-EVB-C2