MCP19111 PMBus-Enabled POL Board (ARD00609)

The MCP19111 is a digitally-enhanced PWM controller. It combines a pure-analog PWM controller with a supervisory microcontroller making it a fast, cost-effective, and configurable power conversion solution. The MCP19111 is ideal for standard DC-DC conversion, LED drivers, and battery charging applications. The ARD00609 Demo Board demonstrates how the MCP19111 device operates as a PMBus-enabled POL converter over a wide input voltage and load range. The firmware is preloaded in the MCP19111, no software development is needed. An USB to PMBus bridge is included on board allowing direct communication with a PC. Nearly all operational and control system parameters are programmable and readable via the PMBus. A full featured and easy to use GUI may be downloaded from the Microchip site. Alternatively, the user can program the MCP19111 using their own firmware, tailoring it to their application. The evaluation board contains headers for ICSP™ (In-Circuit Serial Programming™) I2C / PMBus communication and mini USB connector.

Devices Supported: MCP19111

PLEASE NOTE: This kit does NOT contain the hardware programming tool. Please use Microchip’s PICKIT3 (PG164130).


    • Vin range: 7V to 14V
    • Adjustable Vout range: 0.8V to 3.6V
    • Maximum output current: 20A
    • Programming and I2C / PMBus communication headers
    • USB to PMBus bridge with mini USB connector
    • Setting, control and communication firmware already uploaded
    • PC based control GUI downloadable from the Microchip site


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MCP19111 PMBus-Enabled POL Board ARD00609