MCP3564 ADC Evaluation Board V2 for PIC32 MCUs(ADM01097)

The MCP3564 ADC Evaluation Board V2 for PIC32 MCUs provides the ability to evaluate the performance of the MCP3564. It also provides a development platform for 32-bit PIC® device based applications, using existing 100-pin PIC microcontroller Plug-in Module (PIM) systems that are compatible with the Explorer 16 and other high-pin count PIC32 device-based demo boards. The system comes with a programmed PIC32MX795F512L PIM module that communicates with the Energy Management Utility software for data exchange and ADC setup.

The MCP3564 ADC Evaluation Board V2 for PIC32 MCUs uses the Energy Management Utility software for evaluation of the MCP3564 via USB connection to the board.


    The MCP3564 is a 4-channel, 24-bit, Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with programmable data rate of up to 153.6 kSPS. It offers integrated features such as internal oscillator, temperature sensor and burnout sensor detection, in order to reduce system component count and total solution cost.

    The MCP3564 ADC is fully configurable with Oversampling Ratio (OSR) from 32 to 98304 and gain from 1/3X to 64X. These devices include an internal sequencer (SCAN mode) with multiple monitor channels and a 24-bit timer to be able to automatically create conversion loop sequences without needing MCU communications. Advanced security features, such as CRC and register map lock, can ensure configuration locking and integrity, as well as communication data integrity for secure environments.

    These devices come with a 20 MHz SPI-compatible serial interface and communication is largely simplified with 8-bit commands, including various continuous read/write modes and 24/32-bit multiple data formats that can be accessed by the Direct Memory Access (DMA) of an 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit MCU.


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MCP3564 ADC Evaluation Board V2 for PIC32 MCUs ADM01097

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