MCP37X1X-200 12-Bit Evaluation Board (ADM00707)

The MCP37X1X-200 12-bit Evaluation Board (ADM00707) provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the MCP37X1X-200 Device Family. With the MCP37D11-200, 12-bit 200 Msps pipelined A/D converter on-board, the user can evaluate the functionality of the 12-bit 200 Msps A/D converters and the digital signal processing features. With the help of a compatible data capture card, the evaluation board can provide the user with performance analysis features through the PC GUI.

For proper operation, this evaluation board must be used with the following compatible data capture card:


    • Full feature evaluation of the MCP37X1X-200 A/D converters through Graphical User Interface (GUI) including:
      • Dynamic performance monitoring: SNR, SFDR, THD, and other FFT analyses
      • Static performance monitoring: INL, DNL, Offset Error, etc.
      • Various digital signal post processing options: Digital Decimation, Digital Down-Conversion (I/Q Data)
      • Power consumption analysis
    • Sample rates up to 200 Msps
    • Up to 8-channel inputs


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MCP37X1X-200 12-Bit Evaluation Board ADM00707