MCP2200 Isolated USB to UART Demo Board (ADM00276)

The MCP2200 USB to UART with Isolation Demo Board is a USB to UARTdevelopment and evaluation board for the MCP2200 device. This board is poweredfrom the host’s USB port. Two of the MCP2200 GPIO pins (GP6 and GP7) areconnected to LEDs used to indicate the USB to UART traffic when the associated pinsare configured as TxLED and RxLED pins, respectively. The isolated side is powered
externally with 3V to 5.5V. The board offers 3.75 kV AC of electrical isolation for powerand UART signals.

Microchip Technology Inc. provides a software package to be used with this board thatcan be downloaded from Microchip’s web site. This PC software is used toevaluate/demonstrate the MCP2200 as a Virtual Com Port (VCP) device. This softwarealso allows custom device configurations.

A DLL is included to allow the development of the custom configurations and softwareapplications to control the GPIOs, that can be downloaded from the product/boardweb page.


    • Dedicated Tx LED (green) and Rx LED (red) to indicate the USB to UART traffic
    • Isolated power LED (green) that indicates the presence of power on the isolated side
    • Mini-USB connector
    • 6-pin PICkit™ Serial header with the UART (Tx and Rx) signals and power signals(VDD and GND)
    • Isolated transceiver powered externally from the isolated side with 3V to 5.5V that canbe used as a voltage level translator
MCP2200 Isolated USB to UART Demo Board ADM00276