PICtail Board for SD & MMC (AC164122)

The PICtailTM Daughter Board For SD™ and MMC cards is a demonstration board for evaluating reading and writing data on SD or MMC cards. It is an expansion board compatible with a number of development tools for 8/16/32bit MCU’s and DSC’s. PICDEM™ demonstration boards. A complete list of compatible PICDEM™ borad is available on Microchip’s website. Microchip Technology’s firmware(AN1003) is only implemented on PICDEM™ FS USB.

Getting Started
To get started, a compatible MCU development board is required. In general, a board is compatible if it has a PICtail™ or PICtail™ Plus interface expansion port. Most PICDEM demonstration board do not have the female header installed, so if using a PICDEM board, a 14x2 female connector is included with this kit for the user to install onto the development board if necessary. When connecting to the two boards together, pay close attention to the orientation of the connector and pin alignment.

Board Configurations
A total of 7 jumper locations are available. As shipped from the factory, some of the jumper locations are bridged by circuit traces forming a default setup. To change this, the user will need to cut the traces and install pins and a block jumper. Afterward, the features can be enabled or disabled easily by installing or removing the jumper.


    • Supports wide range of SD cards listed in AN1003
    • Supports auto-triggering of files on SD cards
    • Operates on wide range of voltages from 3.3V-5.0V DC
    • PICtail™ and PICtail™ Plus connection interfaces
    • Compatible with many boards with PICtail™ and PICtail™ Plus interfaces, including Explorer 16 Development Board, various PICDEM™ boards, I/O Expansion Board, and Multimedia Expansion board.


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PICtail Board for SD & MMC AC164122

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