AC100200 - LED Light Cube (AC100200)

Hand-Build a gorgeous 3 dimensional RGB LED Cube as a lighted desktop piece of animated artwork.
Have you seen a 3 dimensional RBG LED Cube in action? Do you love the look of RGB LEDs and fine hand soldered wires? This kit provides a pre-assembled and programmed main PCB board, 125 RGB LEDs, solid wire and a PIR sensor which can be used to create your own 5x5x5 RGB LED Cube. This makes a great night light, table art or conversation piece for your office or home. Warning -> Your office mates, friends or neighbors will want you to build one once they see this in action.

Create your own Custom Scenes
Unleash your artistic creativity! The LED Cube firmware contains over 12 custom scenes which repeat every ~3 minutes. You can add your own scenes using MPLAB X and MPLAB XC32 and writing your own ANSII C based scenes using the cubeFunc() APIs. These simple APIs enable you to change colors, set/clear pixels, draw lines and letters and even rotate the currently displayed image for animation. The source code for the custom scenes is provided as an example.

Learn how MPLAB Harmony was used to create this LED Cube

MPLAB Harmony USB, UART, Timer, Output Compare and SPI drivers and PILIBs were used to create the firmware controlling the LED Cube. The source code and Master’s presentation show you how the Harmony APIs were used and integrated with the LED Cube display and update code.


    5x5x5 RGB LED Light Cube Kit based on PIC32MX270F256B
    • 5x5x5 - 5 mm RGB LEDs
      • 125 LEDs, 375 R-G-B connections
      • 5 “Level” Common drive
      • 75 12-bit PWMs, 68 Billion Colors
    • Occupancy detection PIR turns cube On and Off
    • USB Power, Bootloader and Control
    • Light sensor for automatic dimming
    • Bluetooth SPP Control via RN4677(Android/PC only)
    • PIC32MX270F256B with 256K of Flash for custom scene creation
    • Simple scene creation APIs allow you to create your own custom scenes!


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