EVK1060A: 6 Button, Capacitive Switch Sensor(EVK1060A)

This kit is for the evaluation and development of applications using the AT42QT1060-MMU ('QT1060') 6 Channel QTouch™ Integrated Circuit (IC). In this example, the QT1060 is shown working in a battery powered 'Standalone' mode, but can connected to a PC and/or User application by simple modifications/connections to the EVK1060A Evaluation Board.

The EVK1060A is configured with 6 capacitive keys (one as a 'Guard Channel'), 6 General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIO's) as Outputs (LED 0 - 5) and the seventh GPIO as an input channel (SW1).


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EVK1060A: 6 Button, Capacitive Switch Sensor EVK1060A

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