MAXREFDES79#: 4-Port IO-Link Master (MAXREFDES79)

The MAXREFDES79# is the world’s first public and fully IO-Link®-compliant, 4-port IO-Link master reference design. This design uses TEConcept’s IO-Link master stack and is both an IO-Link master reference design as well as an IO-Link sensor/actuator development and test system. Four IO-Link ports allow for simultaneous testing of four different sensors (or actuators). Green and RGB LEDs located on the side of the cylindrical enclosure provide power and communication status, respectively. The reference design has four robust female M12 connectors, the most common connector used for IO-Link, and ships with two black IO-Link cables to quickly connect to IO-Link compatible sensors and actuators. An AC-to-DC (24VDC/1A) power-supply cube is capable of providing greater than 200mA simultaneously to each port and greater than four times that amount if the other ports are unused. A Micro-USB connector underneath the enclosure allows for quick connectivity to a Windows® PC. The easy-to-use TEConcept Control Tool (CT) GUI software with IODD file import capability makes the MAREFDES79# a must-have for any company or engineer serious about developing IO-Link products.

Refer to the Details tab for more information and lab measurement data. Design files, compliance test report, USB driver, and GUI software can be downloaded from the Design Resources tab.


  • Fully IO-Link version 1.1 compliant (downloadable test report)
  • TEConcept IO-Link master stack
  • Easy TEConcept TC tool
  • 4 IO-Link ports
  • Power and status LEDs
  • User-friendly enclosure
  • Ships with all cables needed
  • Field update programmable


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MAXREFDES79#: 4-Port IO-Link Master MAXREFDES79

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Производитель: Maxim Integrated
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Maxim Integrated
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The MAXREFDES79# uses TEConcept’s IO-Link master stack and is an IO-Link master reference design and IO-Link sensor/actuator development and test system.
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