MAXREFDES67#: Universal Input Micro PLC (MAXREFDES67)

The MAXREFDES67# reference design is a complete universal analog input for industrial applications. This unique 24-bit front-end accepts bipolar voltage and current, resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple (TC) inputs. Built in Maxim Integrated’s ultra-small Micro PLC form factor, the MAXREFDES67# performs with a effective resolution up to 22.3 bits with temperature error as low as ±0.1% across a range of -40°C to 150°C.

To enhance ease of use, the innovative system architecture switches all signals on board, meaning that the connector requires no jumpers or additional connections, regardless of the type of connection. In addition, the system features Maxim Integrated’s Beyond-the-Rails feature in all signal-chain elements. Beyond the Rails reduces the need for large power supplies, allowing each element to accept large input voltages while running from a low-voltage power rail.

The board features a micro USB connector for quick connection to a PC for evaluation. In addition, the board requires a 24V power supply, from a power supply or from the included AC/DC wall adapter. Refer to the Details tab for more information and performance data. Design files and firmware can be downloaded from the Design Resources tab.


  • High accuracy
  • -10V to +10V В±20% voltage inputs
  • -20mA to +20mA В±20% current inputs
  • RTD and TC tested temperature range (-40В°C to +150В°C)
  • Software-controlled input type
  • 24V input protection
  • Isolated power and data
  • Board and sensor calibration
  • Micro PLC form factor
  • Device drivers
  • Example C source code
  • Test data


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MAXREFDES67#: Universal Input Micro PLC MAXREFDES67

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Производитель: Maxim Integrated
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Maxim Integrated
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The MAXREFDES67# reference design ushers in the era of Industry 4.0.1 with a complete universal analog input front-end for the next generation of ultra-small programmable logic controllers. This versatile solution supports voltage, current, RTD, and therm
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