MAXREFDES32#: 2-Channel Analog Input/Analog Output with Flyback DC-DC (MAXREFDES32)

Advanced manufacturing, custom production and cost pressures continue to drive factories to higher speed performance and increased flexibility. To meet the requirements of a ‘no compromises’ factory environment, the MAXREFDES32# subsystem reference design provides two high-speed, high-accuracy, 400ksps, 16-bit analog input channels and output channels. All input and output channels support ±10V and ±20mA signals plus 20% margin, providing flexibility for low- and high-speed systems using either voltage or current signals.

The MAXREFDES32# design utilizes four dual fast-settling high-voltage op amps (MAX9633); two 16-bit 500ksps ADCs (MAX11166); two low-noise, fast-settling precision 16-bit DACs (MAX5316); two ultra-high precision 4.096V voltage references (MAX6126); seven high-speed digital isolators (MAX14850); a peak-current-mode converter for flyback/boost supplies (MAX17498B); and regulated +18V, -18V, +5V, and -1.25V power rails (MAX8719, MAX8881). By using high-accuracy and high-speed components, this subsystem performs well in both process control applications, such as sensor inputs, and control applications, such as servo drives, resolvers, and encoders.

The MAXREFDES32 subsystem design block diagram.
Figure 1. The MAXREFDES32 subsystem design block diagram.


  • Two independent analog inputs
  • Two independent analog outputs
  • Isolated power and data
  • High-speed 400ksps analog input sampling rate
  • High-accuracy 16-bit resolution
  • Voltage output settles to within 2 LSB in 17Вµs
  • Current output settles to within 2 LSB in 77Вµs
  • Device drivers
  • Example C source code
  • Configuration files for ZedBoardв„ў platform
  • FMC-compatible


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MAXREFDES32#: 2-Channel Analog Input/Analog Output with Flyback DC-DC MAXREFDES32

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The MAXREFDES32# subsystem reference design has two high-speed and high-accuracy analog inputs and analog outputs for industrial motion control applications. Hardware, firmware, design files, and lab measurements provide complete system information for ra
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