MAXREFDES143#: DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT Authenticated Sensing and Notification (MAXREFDES143)

The MAXREFDES143# is an Internet of Things (IoT) embedded security reference design, built to protect an industrial sensing node by means of authentication and notification to a web server. The hardware includes a peripheral module representing a protected sensor node monitoring operating temperature and remaining life of a filter (simulated through ambient light sensing) and an mbed shield representing a controller node responsible for monitoring one or more sensor nodes. The design is hierarchical with each controller node communicating data from connected sensor nodes to a web server that maintains a centralized log and dispatches notifications as necessary. The mbed shield contains a Wi-Fi module, a DS2465 coprocessor with 1-Wire® master function, an LCD, LEDs, and pushbuttons. The protected sensor node contains a DS28E15 authenticator, a DS7505 temperature sensor, and a MAX44009 light sensor. The mbed shield communicates to a web server by the onboard Wi-Fi module and to the protected sensor node with I2C and 1-Wire. The MAXREFDES143# is equipped with a standard shield connector for immediate testing using an mbed board such as the MAX32600MBED#. The simplicity of this design enables rapid integration into any star-topology IoT network requiring the heightened security with low overhead provided by the SHA-256 symmetric-key algorithm.

Refer to the Details tab for more information. Design files including schematic, PCB files, and bill of materials (BOM) can be downloaded from the Design Resources tab.

Note: Programming the MAXREFDES143# requires a separate purchase of a MAX32600MBED# development platform or equivalent Arduino Form Factor platform.


  • SHA-256 authentication
  • Unique secret for each node in the system
  • DeepCoverВ® secure key storage
  • 1-Wire/I2C/Wi-Fi interfaces
  • Example source code
  • mbed shield equivalent to Arduino form factor pinout
  • Pmodв„ў-compatible protected sensor node


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MAXREFDES143#: DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT Authenticated Sensing and Notification MAXREFDES143

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MAXREFDES143# subsystem reference design secures industrial IoT systems using a DS2465 SHA-256 Coprocessor and DS28E15 SHA-256 authenticator with 1-Wire.
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