Evaluation Kit for the MAXQ1852 (MAXQ1852-KIT) (MAXQ1852-KIT)

DeepCover® embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the most secure key storage possible.

The evaluation kit (EV kit) for the DeepCover Secure Microcontroller (MAXQ1852) provides a proven platform for conveniently evaluating the capabilities of the MAXQ1852. The EV kit includes a MAXQ1852 EV kit board, example software, documentation, and a MAXQ® USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire® Adapter board. The EV kit board includes SIM and SAM smart card sockets, graphic OLED display, pin headers providing access to the processor’s I/O port pins, pushbutton keypad matrix, DB9 female serial connector, and USB Mini-B connector. The EV kit provides a complete, functional system ideal for developing and debugging applications as well as evaluating the overall capabilities of the MAXQ1852 microcontroller.


  • Easily Load and Debug Code Using Supplied MAXQ USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire Adapter
  • JTAG Interface Provides In-Application Debugging Features
    • Step-by-Step Execution Tracing
    • Breakpointing by Code Address, Data Memory Address, or Register Access
    • Data Memory or Register Content View and Edit
  • On-Board 3.3V Voltage Regulator
  • Two Smart Card Sockets (One Full-Size Socket and One SIM Socket) for Prototyping IC Card Applications
  • On-Board MAX3453 USB Transceiver for USB Communications
  • Level-Shifted RS-232 Transceiver (MAX3232) Included for Serial Port
  • Low-Profile, Low-Power 128x32 Graphic OLED Display
  • User-Input Pushbutton Switches, 4x4 Keypad Matrix, and Indicator LEDs (connected to GPIO)
  • Self-Destruct Inputs Available on Headers for Connecting to External Trigger Circuits
  • Battery Plus Battery Holder for Memory Backup and Real-Time Clock Operation
  • USB Mini-B Connector
  • Prototyping Area


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