Evaluation Kit for the MAXQ1741 (MAXQ1741-KIT) (MAXQ1741-KIT)

This part is being discontinued. Please use MAXQ1743-KIT instead.

The MAXQ1741 evaluation kit (EV kit) provides a proven platform for conveniently evaluating the capabilities of the MAXQ1741 secure, single-chip, magnetic stripe reading microcontroller. The EV kit includes a MAXQ1741 EV kit board, example software, documentation, and a MAXQ® USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire® adapter. The EV board includes a magnetic card reader head, pin headers providing access to the processor’s I/O port pins, and serial-to-USB adapters. The EV kit provides a complete, functional system ideal for developing and debugging applications as well as evaluating the overall capabilities of the MAXQ1741 microcontroller.


  • Easily Load and Debug Code Using Supplied MAXQ USB-to-JTAG/1-Wire Adapter
  • 1-Wire Interface Provides In-Application Debugging Features
    • Step-by-Step Execution Tracing
    • Breakpointing by Code Address, Data Memory Address, or Register Access
    • Data Memory or Register Content View and Edit
  • On-Board 3.3V Voltage Regulator
  • Magnetic Card Reading Head
  • On-Board MAX3420E USB Peripheral Controller with SPI
  • On-Board Serial-to-USB Adapter
  • On-Board I2C Memory
  • User-Input Pushbutton Switches and Indicator LEDs (Connected to GPIO)
  • Prototyping Area


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