Evaluation Kit for the MAXQ2000/MAX98357A/MAX98357B/MAX98358 and MAX98371 (MAXAUDINT001) (MAXAUDINT001)

The Maxim Audio Interface 1 (AUDINT1) board provides both an I2C and I2S interface to facilitate the evaluation of compatible Maxim Development (DEV) boards. Maxim DEV boards that are evaluated with the AUDINT1 interface board can require custom GUI software, which is available as a download from Maxim’s evkit-software web page.

The AUDINT1 board and a compatible DEV board are ordered together as an evaluation system (EV system). Ordering information for EV systems is located in the EV system data sheet.

Refer to the appropriate EV system data sheet for quick start and detailed operating instructions.

The AUDINT1 board is provided as part of selected Maxim evaluation systems (EV system) to evaluate Maxim parts only. The use of the AUDINT1 board as a development target is not supported. Refer to the MAXQ2000 evaluation kit data sheet for this purpose.


  • USB Powered (+5V)
  • USB-to-I2S (USB AUDIO)
  • On-Board Master Clock Sources
  • On-Board LDOs (+1.2V, +1.8V, +3.3V)
  • Compatible with Standard FTDI VCP Drivers
  • Fully Assembled and Tested


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