Evaluation Kit for the MAX9501 (MAX9501EVKIT) (MAX9501EVKIT)

The MAX9501 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested surface-mount circuit board that contains a MAX9501 IC. The MAX9501 is a triple video-reconstruction filter and buffer for high-definition television (HDTV) applications. The filter's passband is 30MHz. The MAX9501 includes a +6dB output buffer capable of driving a 2VP-P video signal into a standard 150Ω load.

The video input and output signals on the EV kit are DC-coupled. The MAX9501 video input terminals are terminated at 75Ω, and the output terminals are 75Ω back terminated. The EV kit operates from a dual ±5V power supply. For single-power-supply applications, use the MAX9500 EV kit.


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