Evaluation Kit for the MAX86160 (MAX86160EVSYS) (MAX86160EVSYS)

The MAX86160 evaluation kit (MAX86160EVSYS#) provides a proven design to evaluate the MAX86160 integrated heart-rate monitor sensor module. The EV kit consist of two boards. IFC6410 is the main board and MAX86160 Breakout EV kit is the daughter board that includes the MAX86160. The EV kit is powered using an external 5V/3A power supply to the IFC6410, and +1.8V through an LDO for the sensor and +5.0V for the internal LEDs of the MAX86160.

The EV kit comes with a MAX86160EFN+ installed in an 18-pin OLGA package.


  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data-Logging Capabilities
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Windows® 7, and Windows 8/8.1-Compatible Software