Evaluation System for MAX77818 (MAX77818EVSYS) (MAX77818EVSYS)

The MAX77818 evaluation system (EV system) consists of a MAX77818 evaluation kit (EV kit) and a companion Maxim MINIQUSB interface board.

The MAX77818 EV kit is an assembled and tested PC board that demonstrates the MAX77818. The IC contains 12V input and 3A output switching mode charger.

The Maxim MINIQUSB interface board allows an IBM- compatible PC to use its USB port to emulate an I2C 2-wire interface. Windows XP®/Windows® 7 software provides a user-friendly interface to exercise the features of the MAX77818. The menu-driven program offers a graphical user interface with control buttons.


  • Demonstrates 12VCHGIN, 3A Charge
  • Demonstrates m5 Fuel Gauge Performance
  • Demonstrates Dual Input Charge
  • Demonstrates OTG Mode
  • Evaluates MAX77818 Detail Performances


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