Evaluation System/Evaluation Kit for the MAX6648, MAX6649, MAX6692 (MAX6692EVSYS) (MAX6692EVSYS)

The MAX6692 evaluation system (EV system) consists of a MAX6692 evaluation kit (EV kit) and a companion Maxim SMBus™ interface board.

The MAX6692 EV kit is an assembled and tested PC board with a mounted MAX6692. The EV kit allows full evaluation of the MAX6692 temperature sensor. The MAX6692 monitors its own die temperature and the junction temperature of an external diode-connected transistor. It converts the temperature to 11-bit data that may be accessed over a 2-wire serial bus.

The MAX6692 EV kit includes the external diode-connected transistor (2N3906) soldered to the board, which can be removed. The board can then be connected through a twisted pair to a remote diode close to your system.

The Maxim SMBus interface board (MAXSMBus) allows an IBM®-compatible PC to use its parallel port to emulate an Intel® system management bus (SMBus) 2-wire interface. Windows® 95/98/2000-compatible software provides a user-friendly interface to exercise the features of the MAX6692. The program is menu driven and offers a graphic interface with control buttons and status display. (Note: Windows 2000 requires the installation of a driver; refer to Win2000.pdf or Win2000.txt located on the diskette.)

The MAX6692 EV kit can also evaluate the MAX6648 and MAX6649. Order free samples of either the MAX6648MUA or MAX6649MUA through Maxim's website. Order the MAX6692EVSYS for a complete IBM PC-based evaluation of the MAX6648/MAX6649/MAX6692. Order the MAX6692EVKIT if you already have an SMBus interface.


  • Measures and Displays Temperature of the MAX6648/MAX6649/MAX6692 and a Remote Diode
  • Programmable Under/Overtemperature Alarms
  • Programmable Conversion Rate
  • Programmable Number of Faults Required to Assert the Alarm
  • Programmable Overtemperature Hysteresis
  • SMBus Compatible
  • Easy-to-Use Menu-Driven Software
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Includes Windows 95/98/2000-Compatible Software and Demo PC Board


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