Evaluation Kit for the MAX2390, MAX2391, MAX2392, MAX2393, MAX2396, MAX2400 (MAX2393EVKIT) (MAX2393EVKIT)

The MAX2390–MAX2393/MAX2396/MAX2400 ("MAX2390 family") evaluation kits (EV kits) simplify the evaluation of these W-CDMA and TD-SCDMA receiver ICs. There are three different PC boards for the family: one for the MAX2391/MAX2392/MAX2393, one for the MAX2396, and one for the MAX2390/MAX2400. Each kit is fully assembled and tested at the factory. Standard 50Ω SMA and BNC connectors, TCXOs and baseband buffers are included on the EV kits to allow quick and easy evaluation on the test bench.

For each of the six EV kits, this document provides a list of equipment required to evaluate each device, a straightforward test procedure to verify functionality, a circuit schematic, a bill of materials (BOM), and artwork for each layer of the PC board.


  • Each EV Kit is Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Fully Monolithic Direct-Conversion Receiver
    • Include: PLL Synthesizer (All Except MAX2396/MAX2400) and VCO
    • Eliminate: External IF SAW + IF AGC + I/Q Demodulator
  • Meet All 3GPP Receiver's Standard Requirements with at Least 3dB Margin on Eb/No
  • Operate from a Single +2.7V to +3.3V Supply
  • Over 90dB of Gain-Control Range
  • Channel Selectivity Fully On-Chip, with Superior ACS (> 40dB)
  • SPI™-/QSPI™-/MICROWIRE™-Compatible 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • Receiver Current Consumption ≈ 32mA
  • On-Chip DC Offset Cancellation
  • Small 28-Pin QFN Leadless Package