Evaluation Kit for the MAX1906X, MAX1906V, MAX1906S (MAX1906EVKIT) (MAX1906EVKIT)

The MAX1906 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a complete, fully assembled and tested circuit board that is used to evaluate the MAX1906 lithium-ion (Li+) battery-pack protector. The MAX1906 EV kit protects the battery pack by blowing an on-board fuse when any individual cell in the battery pack exceeds the overvoltage protection threshold. The MAX1906 EV kit is designed to evaluate the MAX1906X 4-cell Li+ battery-pack protector. The EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX1906S 2-cell and the MAX1906V 3-cell Li+ battery-pack protectors. See the Selector Guide in the full data sheet to request samples of the other ICs.

Warning: The MAX1906 EV kit is designed to work with Li+ batteries under potentially dangerous conditions. Exercise extreme caution when performing overcharge tests on live Li+ cells. Users who power up this EV kit or power the sources connected to it must be careful to follow safety procedures appropriate to working with Li+ batteries.

Under severe fault or failure conditions, this EV kit may dissipate large amounts of power, which could result in the mechanical ejection of a component or of component debris at high velocity. Operate this kit with care to avoid possible personal injury.


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