Evaluation Systems for the MAX1895, MAX1995 (MAX1895EVSYS) (MAX1895EVSYS)

The MAX1895 evaluation systems are assembled and tested PC boards that demonstrate the MAX1895 high-efficiency, wide brightness range CCFL backlight controller. The MAX1895EVSYS-S is designed for single-lamp applications and the MAX1895EVSYS-D is designed for dual-lamp applications. Both systems can control the brightness of the lamps through either the SMBus interface or by an on-board potentiometer.

The systems include a Maxim SMBus™ interface board (MAXSMBus), which allows an IBM®-compatible PC to use its parallel port to emulate an Intel® system management bus (SMBus) I²C; interface. Windows® 95/98-compatible software provides a user-friendly interface to exercise the features of the MAX1895. The program is menu-driven and offers a graphic interface with control buttons and status display.

Note: Windows NT/2000 requires additional driver software; contact the factory.

To evaluate the performance of the MAX1995, configure the MAX1895EVSYS for analog interface mode. There is no need to change the IC since the MAX1895's performance is identical to the MAX1995's performance.


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