Evaluation System for the MAX1789 (MAX1789EVMINIQU) (MAX1789EVMINIQU)

The MAX1789 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the capabilities of the MAX1789 advanced, smart battery-pack controller. The EV kit includes multiple component networks to utilize the functionality of the Port A (PA) I/O, high-voltage (HV) outputs, SMBus™ interface, and battery-cell terminals. Each network can be configured to provide proper evaluation of the programmed device. An on-board low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator is also included to provide a 3.3V rail voltage and up to a 0.2A load current.

The MAX1789 evaluation system (EV system) includes the MAX1789 EV kit and Maxim's MINIQUSB command module. The MINIQUSB provides both an SPI™ and SMBus interface to a PC. The supplied command module allows the kit to be evaluated with the MAX1789K evaluation software, prebuilt with the MAX1789 user-interface framework.


  • MINIQUSB Connectivity (SPI and SMBus Interface)
  • On-Board Protection Fuse
  • On-Board LDO (3.3V, 0.2A)
  • GPIO LEDs and Jumpers
  • Stand-Alone Operation
  • 9V, 200mA Adapter
  • Battery-Cell String Emulation