Evaluation Kit for the HS I²C-Compatible Parts (HSI2CMOD) (HSI2CMOD)

The HS I²C-compatible module is a reference solution for implementing an interface that is compatible with the high-speed (HS) mode (3.4MHz, 1.7MHz), fast mode (400kHz), and standard mode (100kHz) of the I²C standard. The module consists primarily of an Altera EPM3256AQC208-10 programmable logic device (PLD) containing the DI2CM core available from Digital Core Design. The module allows microcontrollers (µCs) with a compatible 8-bit-memory-mapped parallel interface to communicate with I²C-compatible slave devices.

The HS I²C-compatible module is provided as part of selected Maxim evaluation systems. The main purpose of the HS I²C-compatible module is the evaluation of Maxim products. The use of the HS I²C-compatible module as a development board or any other use not described in selected Maxim evaluation kit (EV kit)/evaluation system (EV system) data sheets is not supported by Maxim.


  • HS-Mode I²C-Compatible Interface (3.4MHz, 1.7MHz)
  • Fast-Mode I²C-Compatible Interface (400kHz)
  • Standard-Mode I²C-Compatible Interface (100kHz)
  • Proven Design
  • Proven PC Board Layout
  • On-Board 40MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • On-Board Regulated +3.3V


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