Ethernet Transport Design Kit (DS33ZH11DK) (DS33ZH11DK)

The DS33R11/DS33ZH11 design kit is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the DS33R11 and the DS33ZH11 Ethernet transport-over-serial link devices. The DS33ZH11 section of the design kit contains an option for either T3E3 or T1E1 serial links. The DS33R11 chipset has an integrated T1E1 transceiver. All serial links are complete with line interface, transformers, and network connections. Dallas' ChipView software is provided with the design kit, giving point-and-click access to configuration and status registers from a Windows®-based PC. On-board LEDs indicate receive loss-of-signal, queue overflow, Ethernet link, Tx/Rx, and interrupt status.


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