Evaluation Kits for the DS3231M or DS3232M (DS3232MEVKIT) (DS3232MEVKIT)

The DS3231MZ/DS3232M (DS323X) evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit board with an accompanying application program that demonstrates the operation of the DS3231M or DS3232M temperature-compensated real-time clocks. The DS3231M and DS3232M I2C real-time clocks contain an internal silicon (MEMS) resonator for its timekeeping reference. Both components constantly monitor the operating temperature, periodically adjusting the internal oscillator frequency to maintain highly accurate time information.

The EV kit includes one TCXO component soldered onto the demonstration board, a USB I/O communications module for evaluation kits (DS3900H2), and a CD containing the application program and instructions. System requirements are a Windows®-compatible PC running Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, or later, and a USB port. The EV kit allows for optional user configuration to a single power-supply operation, and the accompanying I2C interface and application program provides easy access to manipulate register settings, while observing the various component functions of timekeeping and real-time alarm-initiated interrupts.

The EV kit also allows the user to connect their I2C master to the sample component for operational verification and/or code generation.


  • Aid to Fast Hardware and Software Debugging
  • GUI-Based Application for Ease of Use
  • Allows for User-Configurable Single- or Dual-Supply Operation
  • Optional Footprint Accepts 8-Pin or 16-Pin SO


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The DS3231MZ/DS3232M (DS323X) evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested circuit board with an …
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