Isolated Low Power pH Monitor with Temperature Compensation (cn0326)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 is a completely isolated low power pH sensor signal conditioner and digitizer with automatic temperature compensation for high accuracy.

The circuit gives 0.5% accurate readings for pH values from 0 to 14 with greater than 14-bits of noise-free code resolution and is suitable for a variety of industrial applications such as chemical, food processing, water, and wastewater analysis.

This circuit supports a wide variety of pH sensors that have very high internal resistance that can range from 1 MΩ to several GΩ, and digital signal and power isolation provides immunity to noise and transient voltages often encountered in harsh industrial environments.

Figure 1. pH Sensor Circuit (Simplified Schematic: All Connections and Decoupling Not Shown)


  • 0.5% Accuracy
  • Low power
  • Temperature compensation
  • Completely isolated


Схемы и диаграммы

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Isolated Low Power pH Monitor with Temperature Compensation  cn0326