A Low Cost, 8-Channel, Simultaneously Sampled, Data Acquisition System with 84 dB SNR and Excellent Channel-to-Channel Matching (cn0175)

Cost sensitive, high channel count applications that require wide dynamic range can effectively use the AD7607 8-channel integrated data acquisition system (DAS) with on-chip 14-bit SAR ADCs to achieve greater than 80 dB dynamic range.

A typical application for the DAS is in power-line measurementand protection equipment, where large numbers of current and voltage channels of multiphase distribution and transmission networks must be sampled simultaneously.

Many low voltage power-line measurement and protection systems do not require full 16-bit ADC resolution (such as provided by the AD7606 DAS); however, they still require more than 80 dB dynamic range to capture the under- and over- voltage/current conditions. Simultaneous sampling is also needed to maintain the phase information between the current and voltage channels on a multiphase power line.

The AD7607 8-Channel DAS with 14-Bit, bipolar input, simultaneous sampling SAR ADC has 84 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to meet the requirements for these types of low voltage protection and measurement systems. The circuit shown in Figure 1 also uses an external ADR421 precision, low drift, low noise reference for high channel count applications that require absolute accuracy performance.

Figure 1. Low Cost, 8-Channel, Simultaneously Sampled, Data Acquisition System (Simplified Schematic: All Connections and Decoupling Not Shown)


  • Multichannel simultaneous sampling data acquisition system
  • 14 bit SAR ADC with >80 dB dynamic range
  • Integrated protection, amplifiers, and filtering


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