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Magnetic Card Reader Demo (mPOSDemo)

With the common use of cards instead of cash, Credit Card Reader (MSR, mag stripe/swipe readers) are an essential part of any POS system. MSRs can read any card with magnetic stripes, including some driver's licenses, gift cards, and other IDs.

Magnetic Card Readers (also known as Magnetic Stripe Readers or MSRs) read data from a 3-track magnetic stripe via a peak detection circuit and process that data for downstream users. After extracting data from the magnetic stripe, it is converted to binary data and formatted for encryption. They feed the swiped information to applications management software and connect through USB, RS-232, or PS/2 connections.

Microchip Magnetic card reader solution reads ISO/IEC-7811 cards (also known as “Frequency/double Frequency” (F2F) encoding standard).The data format encodes 7-bit data on Track1, 5-bit data for Track 2 and 3. Please refer to the features section for an in depth description of the Magnetic card readers capabilities.

Microchip offers 2 solutions, one using the dsPIC33EP family and the other using the PIC24F family of PIC's

  • For card readers that need to optimize for lowest possible power, the PIC24 XLP solution offers the lowest current consumption with sleep currents (Ipd) as low as 20uA
  • For card readers the need to optimize for lowest cost, maximumperformanceand highest level of integration, the dsPIC33 solution provides integrated op amps to save board space and component cost
This demo is not for sale, but can be easily created from components listed in the user's guide.


    Below are the key features of this swipe demo:

    Swipe Feature:

    • Single chip solution for reading all the 3 tracks(Note: some cards may have only Track1 and Track2 and in those cases, an error message “Track Not present” will be shown for Track3)
    • The software solution is tuned to read the swipe speeds anywhere between 60ms - 2 seconds
    • Reads both forward and reverse swipe directions
    Low Power Feature:

    • In order to reduce the power consumption, the device is put into sleep mode after every swipe
    • Even after the device is put to sleep, the swipe speed read range of 60ms - 2 seconds still holds good
    • The device wakes up during swipes by using the on-chip comparator as the wake-up source
    Software solution:

    • Exponential average mechanism is used to design the software filter
    • Interrupt based decoding of tracks
    • Integrated with MCHP AES-128 library where the user can key-in AES key on every power-up
    • The decoded data is presented either on the pin or can be dumped on a serial terminal
    • Calculates and displays the card swipe time
    Hardware Features:

    • No shielded cables are required
    • USB powered
    • On-board MCP2200
    • USB cable for the demo
    On-chip Peripherals used for the demo:

    • ADC
    • Three op-amps (one for each track)
    • Comparator to wake up from sleep
    • Timers (Four 16-bit timers)


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Magnetic Card Reader Demo mPOSDemo

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