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Calibration-Free Return Loss Measurement System (cn0387)

The circuit shown in Figure 1 accurately measures return loss in a wireless transmitter from 1 GHz to 28 GHz without any need for system calibration.

The design is implemented on a single circuit board using a nonreflective RF switch; a microwave RF detector; and a 12-bit, precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC). To evaluate the circuit over the widest possible frequency range, a dual-port directional coupler with SMA connectors was used instead of a narrow-band, surface-mount directional coupler.

The circuit measures return loss of up to 20 dB over an input power range of 25 dB (return losses in excess of 20 dB can be measured over a smaller input power range).

A unique feature of the circuit is that it calculates return loss using a simple ratio of the digitized voltages from the RF detector, thereby eliminating the need for system calibration.

Figure 1. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Evaluation Board Measurement Setup (All Connections and Decoupling Not Shown)


  • Return Loss Measurement System
  • 1GHz to 28GHz
  • Calibration Free


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Calibration-Free Return Loss Measurement System  cn0387

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