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Sample-and-Hold Circuit Using the ADG1211 Switch (cn0058)

This circuit is a sample-and-hold amplifier (SHA) function, which is basic to the data acquisition and analog-to-digital conversion process. In some programmable logic controller (PLC) output modules, a sample-and-hold in each channel stores the output samples from a single high performance DAC. The sample-and-holds are often implemented using analog switches or multiplexers and buffers. The circuit shown in Figure 1 provides a precise, fast sample-and-hold circuit capable of processing industrial-level signals of up to ±10 V.

Figure 1. High Precision Fast Sample-and-Hold Circuit (Simplified Schematic: Decoupling and All Connections Not Shown)

Switches and multiplexers are useful in data acquisition applications where instantaneous analog values must be captured. The input signal from the analog switch charges a hold capacitor that is connected to the input of an op amp. Ideally, the closed switch conveys nothing but the input signal to the capacitor. However, the switch also delivers a packet of charge when it switches, called charge injection. The ADG1211 quad SPST switch has excellent charge injection performance of only 1 pC compared to the next best solutions on the market, which have 10 pC to 20 pC of charge injection. The ADG1211 also has low capacitance and leakage current, making it an ideal choice for this circuit.


  • +/-10V Industrial Level Signals
  • 1pC Charge Injection


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